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AJI was established from a gathering of long experiences for more than 18 years in the world of cargo main types of land, sea, and air, AJI was founded in one of the most important commercial areas in the Middle East and North Africa: Jebel Ali Sea Port area in Dubai, the number one commercial city in the region.

After the Corona pandemic, the need for a company that integrates international shipping services with logistic services and internal freight services increased, whether in the Jebel port area or within all the emirates and cities of the country. It facilitates import and export operations for all countries of the world, the completion of customs clearance and temporary storage, and then re-shipping by land without the need to deal with several service providers for each stage.


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Our services

Sea freight to all countries of the world

Our long relationships and experience in the mysteries of the shipping world make it easier for us to complete complex procedures quickly and effectively, which may cause some other companies to delay the completion of shipping and re-shipment operations.

Land freight to all countries of the region

We provide land freight service through our fleet of truck cars of various sizes to reach neighboring countries in the Arab Gulf countries and to various countries of the Middle East, including land freight services to Saudi Arabia, land freight services to Qatar, land freight services to Kuwait, land freight services to Bahrain, services Land freight to Oman, land freight services to Lebanon, land freight services to Syria, land freight services to Iraq.

Goods storage

Jebel Ali Port has more than 5,000 warehouses to store all kinds of imported goods or goods intended for re-export. In this port, which is the largest seaport in the Middle East and is ranked among the 10 largest ports in the world, you need an agent for your business who has great experience in this area To provide you with the best short and long periods storage solutions, whether for re-export or to prepare for entry into the United Arab Emirates.

Air Freight

Some goods are perishable or have a short expiration date that cannot be shipped by sea or by land freight. Therefore, we resort to shipping by air freight, and through our partnerships with major airlines, we can offer you many solutions for your air freight needs, such as Air freight services on Emirates airlines, air cargo services on Flydubai airlines, air cargo services on Etihad Airways, air cargo services on Air Arabia.

Customs clearance

UAE imports large quantities of various goods, and according to the official website of Dubai Customs, the economic recovery and the strong start that Dubai is witnessing in the post-pandemic phase has reflected positively on the commercial sector, as the customs transactions completed by Dubai Customs recorded a growth of 8% to 19 million transactions in the months The first nine months of 2022, while the number of customs declarations increased to 16.6 million, compared to 15.6 million.

Therefore, when you start importing in the United Arab Emirates, you need a reliable partner to carry out customs clearance procedures for you quickly, effectively, and at the lowest costs.